Friday, October 9, 2009

Cold Fusion

Like music? Like vegetables? Like freezing your tuches off? Then you, my imaginary internet friend, are in luck. Oh yes!

Mr. Fusion (that's me and a guy named Erich Sachs) will be serenading the early-bird attendees of the Proctor Farmer's Market tomorrow, Saturday the 10th, from 9-11 A.M. Two guys. Two acoustic guitars. Two percussion instruments. Two things that are shaped like pianos but aren't pianos.

My handy dandy weather widget currently predicts a starting low for the day of 28°F. So by the time we start it will be what, 35? With luck (and direct sunlight) by the end of the set we may sneak toward 50. But look on the bright side: your vegetables will come pre-refrigerated, and your Pig Lady meat packs won't thaw while you stand and listen to the music for a bit.

Come watch us play, and tune, and sing, and re-tune, and drum, and tune some more (cold weather + guitars = adventures in tuning).

1 comment:

Fun Frieda said...

Yeah, that is too early, and too far for me. Sorry dude. maybe someday we will see you play... somewhere...