Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Open C.L.A.W.: A Brief Report

This evening I had the pleasure of attending the second monthly (monthly?) open meeting of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians: The C.L.A.W.

On The C.L.A.W.'s agenda for the evening, after their formal opening ritual, was the further carving of their steamroller print (made with 100% real steamroller!) for Sunday afternoon's Wayzgoose/Letterpress & Book Arts extravaganza at King's Books in Tacoma. I have seen the near-complete version of their piece, and I can safely say that it is pretty dang bitchin'.

There was also a brief impromptu tutorial on layering and coloring techniques from Stowe, shown via the example of a piece for an upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade card set (way over my head, I know basically zero about photoshop, and am barely competent drawing with mere pencil and paper) and a display of some of member-in-waiting Stan Shaw's WSDOT and Star Wars Minis work.

As the only true outsider at the meeting, I mostly just sat back and watched, and scribbled. Here is what I personally accomplished while keeping company with professional cartoonist types (click to enlarge):

Main goals of these drawings were 1) attempt at least moderately realistic faces with zero photo-reference and 2) attempt to display at least some range of motion, and open mouths. I have a bad habit of sticking to the closed-mouth grimace because I've never been comfortable drawing actual mouths, or what happens to faces when they move.

(Certain family members may recognize Mr. Super Guy, whose bumbling cartoony exploits hung on our kitchen wall for years and years.)

Now I need to learn how to shade. And how to draw musculature. And fabric. And, um... everything that's not faces?

Don't forget to come to the Wayzgoose on Sunday! Not only will you witness the C.L.A.W. steamroller print from noon to one, but they should have copies available of their new 'zine, Claw-tu Verata Nikto.


Stowe said...

It was great to have you there Joe.

I hope as we continue there will be more random doodling people each time. There can't be enough random doodling.

I dig Mr. Super Guy.

Anonymous said...

Mr S. G. currently hangs in the Executive Office of Theatre Northwest.

Would you like me to scan him?

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