Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rock Out With Your Chalk Out: Free Food Edition

As has been mentioned with some frequency on the feed these last few days, Pinwheel Catering's Herban Cafe is about the reopen, and is kicking things off tonight with the Frost Park Retrospective Art Show, featuring chalk-related pieces ranging from recreations of chalk works to photographs of chalkies to prints of pre-existing battle art.

There will also be food (appetizers and samples of new menu items... the new chef appears to have a focus on American Indian-driven cuisine, which should be interesting) and a no-host bar after 7.

PLUS: music. from 6-7, during the artists' reception, a gentleman will be playing piano (sorry I didn't catch his name). After that, from 7:30 until [indeterminate time, no later than 10] will be everyone's favorite me (and I count on you to tell me if I am not your favorite me, so I can find this other me and beat him up), in cahoots with my longtime musical partner Erich Sachs.

For anyone who hasn't heard Mr. Fusion (as we style ourselves), we're two guys with two guitars, some hand drums and a mess o' keyboard-like gadgets. We both play all of them, we both sing, we both write, so if there's a configuration of those instruments that you'd like to see, stick around and I'm sure it will happen.

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