Friday, August 8, 2008

Flower Power, OoSOoM Style

The very first time I played with Out of Sight... Out of Mind was at the W.W. Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park. I had come in as a potential backup musician in light of bassist Goodwin Trent's recent back surgery. As it happened, he was sufficiently recovered by the performance date, and so we quickly shuffled ourselves into a trio, and have (for the most part) been playing that way ever since.

This Sunday (August 10) we will be back at the aforementioned conservatory with more songs (I have slowly but surely integrating myself into their catalog of folky, bluegrassy, country-y and othery covers), more stories, and, God help us, probably more puns.

If you've seen us play before, you know what to expect: a collection of quality covers from guitar guru and main mandolininator Don Izenman; a selection of songs from the custom catalog of Goodwin Trent, complemented by the odd (and I do mean odd) John Prine number; and... whatever the heck it is that I do. Something about strumming and singing, surely.

And if you don't come see us, remember: the conservatory hosts music the second Sunday of dang near every month. I bet you can make it sometime, to see somebody.

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