Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of... Voice?

I fail at ample notice. Almost always. Between getting sick, and flying to Chicago, and whatever else, I have once again failed to tell anyone at all about the Out of Sight, Out of Mind gig at A Rhapsody In Bloom Florist on 6th Ave tomorrow, July 10th and 7PM.

If you saw us a couple months ago (and I know a few of you did), you have at least some idea what to expect. Don Izenman and Goodwin Trent form the core of OoSOoM, and have done for years. However, recently, in the interest of general awesomeness, they saw fit to add another to their ranks: Joe Izenman (hey that's me!) Now it's time for me to conquer the band. For aid, I have recruited my songwriting partner of 8 years, Erich Sachs, the other half of Mr. Fusion (why no, you haven't ever heard of us. But that's just because we're too lazy to ever play shows, or something.)

What has spawned is something that Erich and I have been waiting for for years: Mr. Fusion songs with... more than two people! Don and Goodwin bring a mandoliny, bassy life to songs ranging from out very newest to pieces we wrote as sophomores in high school.

Of course, the conquering isn't QUITE complete. So we'll let Goodwin do a few of his songs. But we have commanded him to accept the addition of Erich's doumbek drumming prowess, as a sign of our youthful dominance. Also, if you're extra-lucky, Don might play some covers and pretend we thought they were in the public domain. Someone has to cover for the fact that I have a horrible head cold and have almost completely lost my voice.

(ADDED VALUE BONUS: Think you saw it all last time? Now see those same Joe Izenman songs... two frets lower! Because the top of his range is tainted by mucous! Yeah!)

The weather's looking great, and at Rhapsody that means an outdoor show. What better way to spend a Summer Thursday? None, says I. None at all.

Hope to see you there! It's free, after all. You could pay to go somewhere else and have less fun, if you really want. But why?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind/Mr. Fusion
Thursday, July 10, 7PM - 9PM
A Rhapsody In Bloom Florist
6th Avenue between Proctor and Union
3709 6th Avenue Tacoma, Wa. 98406

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Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to it! See you tonight.