Friday, May 23, 2008

Where'd the times go?

I don't read the Trib with any regularity these days, but I spied on the Grand Cinema website that they have decided to stop printing movie times in the daily Soundlife section. You can still get the times for the week out of Friday's Go section (not that it helps if a movie opens on a Wednesday, or if weekend showtimes are different than weekdays), but no more opening up the morning's paper to see what's playing on a Tuesday evening.

The Grand is pushing for this to be reinstated. From their release this morning:
Did you use this as a source of movie information for the Grand or other movie theaters? If so, please let them know that you'd like this information reinstated. The only chance it will return is if readers speak up! Contact information: Craig Sailor is their Entertainment Editor. His phone number is 253-597-8541 and his email is
At this point I think that way too many people use Fandango or a theatre's website to find times for there to be much of a fuss from the readership. But I still wonder why the move was made. I guess they can fit, what... two more ads in there? Judging from what I've seen them try to fill Soundlife space with in the past, I can't imagine them thinking they can use that space daily for actual worthwhile content...


marty said...

While much (all) of the blogging world uses and number of show time resources, many of the attendees of the Grand are elderly and still use print media as a main source of information.

izenmania said...

While I'd agree that the Grand has a higher relative percentage of such folk, they remain a relatively small portion of the overall Tacoma movie-going community, most of whom you'll find at the Regal (which is also Fandango's key demographic). So while Grand patrons are more likely to respond to a message like that than those of other theatres, I doubt they'll be enough to create the kind of hubbub that will catch the Trib's ear.

(also... how many people who aren't checking movie times on the Grand's website will see that message?)