Monday, March 10, 2008

Wright Park Fusion

Okay, so as far as music goes, you'll mostly hear me talking about the now-mostly-defunct This Shirt Is Pants (probably in an effort to unload some of our pile of CDs on you... it's true, I'm shameless) or Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, the group of my dad's that I've been playing with (March 27th, 7-9 PM at Rhapsody In Bloom, by the by). But in truth, my musical heart will always be in one place: Mr. Fusion.

I started playing and writing with my buddy Erich nigh on 8 years ago, in the Spring of 2000. Over the years we've played a small handful of shows, recorded one album (admittedly demo-quality) and accumulated a catalog of (apparently) 40 tunes. I'm sure we could have a lot more, honestly, but it's been a very off-and-on process, with large gaps (months, nearly into years sometimes) where one or the other of us will be busy with school or work or some other thing.

However, we've finally reached a point where we both have quality full-time, fixed schedule jobs, some spare time, and a large build-up of creative energy, so Mr. Fusion is happening again. Unfortunately I live in an apartment, and Downstairs Man is not always pleased to hear us a-rockin', despite our best efforts to keep it quiet. Saturday, however, we had a brilliant idea. The weather is starting to be more reliably decent (or at the very least dry), and so, after the latest request to keep it down while Downstairs Man graded papers (can't fault him for that), we decided to pack it up and head out to Wright Park (a whole block away).

It worked out great... we found a spot right by the park's cannon, just off G, sat down on a couple rocks and played to our hearts' content. It is always good to have a chance to up it to full volume... I'm a fairly loud singer, and the doumbek can rattle a room a bit, if given the chance. Better still, we had a chance to entertain a few passers-by, be they walking their dogs, carrying groceries, going for a jog or just looking for someone to talk to (and my, wasn't that an interesting conversation...).

Anyway, we both had a lot of fun, and, weather permitting, I suspect it will be turning into a regular thing. So if you're ever wandering around Wright Park on a nice Saturday afternoon, don't be surprised if there's music in the air... it's probably us. Taking back the park for acoustic musicians everywhere. Or something. You may even start to see us elsewhere... Frost Park? Tollefson Plaza? Who knows? If there's a couple places to sit and no-one to complain about the volume of our un-amplified guitars, anything is possible.

Also within the next couple months I'll probably start posting samples of our renewed recording efforts. Good times to be officially had by all.

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freelance said...

people like music in the park! i even got smiles when learning in St.James' park.