Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three Days, Three Things To Do

It's a full week here in Izenmania territory, so I'll just jump right into it...

Tuesday (that's today!): Go Local Or Die

Since the majority of my readership come via feed»tacoma, this probably isn't news to anyone, but tonight at 6 PM the Local Life folk will be hosting the second of their Go Local Or Die charrettes, this one featuring Derek Young (Exit133), Amy McBride (City of Tacoma Arts Coordinator), Roxanne Murphy (Community Relations Specialist for the Tacoma Community & Economic Development Department) and Justin Mayfield (Broadway Farmer's Market).

The topic this time is "Innovative Co-working with arts, business, education, and urban living". Should be fairly interesting. I went to the first one and it inspired this rant. Hopefully this one will get someone as fired up as the last one got me.

Wednesday: Boundary Bay Night @ The Parkway

On Wednesday night at 6 PM one of my two favorite bars, The Parkway Tavern, is hosting a Boundary Bay Brewer's Night. Boundary Bay is a Bellingham-based brewery (ack! alliteration!) who, among other things, make a mean IPA (mean = good, at least in an IPA). If previous brewer's nights are any indication, there will be a brewery rep, a bunch of raffle schwag, and a whole host of BB beers to complement the usual assortment of tap mainstays. Also, the place will be full, both because of the event and because it is a weeknight, and that's what happens at the Parkway.

Thursday: Out Of Sight... Out of Mind @ Rhapsody In Bloom

I have been foolishly spelling the band's name with a comma rather than an ellipsis. Silly me. Anyway, as previously mentioned, a group consisting of myself, my dad, bassist/singer/songwriter Goodwin Trent and special guest Sue Tjardes will be cranking up the acoustic tunes at Rhapsody In Bloom on Thursday night at 7 PM. Come on out and support your local musicians and your local, err... me!

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