Friday, March 21, 2008

Out of Sight, Out of Mind To Kick Out The Jams At Rhapsody In Bloom.

We'll kick them right out. And then do you know what we'll do? We'll invite them back in, as politely as possible. We'll even hold the door for them. Just so we can kick them out a second time.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind is, primarily, Don Izenman and his longtime collaborator, bassist Goodwin Trent. As you may or may not recall, I recently stepped in with them for a couple gigs, inspired by Goodwin's questionable health post-surgery. Goodwin ended up fine, but we had enough fun that I appear to have become something of an actual band member. It's been a fun experience, hearing versions of my own songs that I would never have achieved alone or with Mr. Fusion, as well as working with new instruments, new tunes, and new styles.

So next up: A Rhapsody In Bloom on 6th Ave. For a variety of reasons, this gig is shifting away from our usual array of folk/country cover material and placing the spotlight firmly on original work. Goodwin and I both have a decent library of material that we've been frantically teaching each other in recent weeks. Rounding out the set will be a special guest appearance by fellow Tacoma music mainstay Sue Tjardes.

I've had a lot of fun teaching everyone my stuff, and learning some really good material from Goodwin and Sue, and I suspect that others may have similar amounts of fun observing the results. So, if you have the evening spare, roll on out to Rhapsody In Bloom next Thursday, March 27th, at 7PM. And guess what? It's free! (though donations are accepted and encouraged.

Details available here.

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