Sunday, March 9, 2008

Izenmania: Now With More ART!

This fine piece of Tacoma cartoon commentary (originally seen here) is now a permanent fixture in my home:

It looks down at me from above my computer/blogging station/recording studio to inspire my own personal blogger uprising.

The Tacomic birthday party at the Helm was, like so many of these little gatherings, a joyous cluster of the Tacoma blogland community... everyone from TacomaChickadee to TacomaMama to Girlfriend In Tacoma, plus of course Clan Freitas, the Urbanist, and His Nachoness himself. And many others that I am leaving out because I only feel like making so many links per entry.

There were also quite a few people walking by, presumably leaving Barber of Seville, who peered inside and then scampered off, clearly not brave enough to join us (probably because by the time they got out the show was winding down. I do wonder, however, if maybe a sign on the street that said "ART SHOW: More then 100% free!" or something to that effect might have drawn strangers into what may have looked like kind of a private party (what with everyone talking to everyone as if they knew each other)


Anonymous said...

so rad, that you got that tacomic. It's a cool'un.
(and I thought your beard was surprisingly well-beahved, in person, unlike my kid!!)
next time, we must chat more!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

So glad that you bought that one! It was great to see you today!

NineInchNachos said...

Thank you for your support sir. Your tacomic about the tacomic was an excellent surprise. Excelsior!

Erik B. said...

Nice grab. I was surprised it was not picked up earlier given the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

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