Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Week's Excuse For Fried Things

Speaking of weekly traditions gone awry... for a while there, foos and booze @ Meconi's was the place to be on Friday night (if you worked at SiteCrafting, and wanted to keep seeing your co-workers after a 40-hour week of them). We even got a few of the Tacoma blogsters in on the action once or twice.

Meconi's, for us, at least, had three primary draws: foosball, pool and fried things. The foosball table was much more stable and level than our table here at the office. I didn't like it as much, but only because I wasn't as good on it. The pool table, while not a magnificent feat of engineering, was decent, big, and free (balls checked out by surrender of your DL as collateral). And the fried things, oh the fried things... I've had their burgers and sandwiches, and they're pretty solid, but the key is the appetizers. Mozzarella sticks and onion rings. Scrumchelesent.

Anyway, the foosball table broke, and went away (plus now we have a better one, anyway). The free pool got replaced by a smaller, coin-op table. All that remained was the fried things, and, good as they are, it just hasn't been enough. As long as I've got an excuse for a hot dog, or a craving for a cheese steak sammich (which is frequent), there's just no drive.

Until now...

Tonight I am pulled back to the glorious grease-fest by one thing: the Tacoma Beer Society. The TBS is having their monthly shebang tonight at 6:30. In the spirit of the lovey dovey season, the theme shall be beer and chocolate in conjunction.

Now, being also a bit of a wine fiend, beer is not my first thought when pondering what to drink with chocolate. But then, some of my favorite beers are made with chocolate malts, so perhaps I shall discover a new world of spectacular deliciousness beyond my wildest tasty imaginings.

Or maybe it'll just be good.

Anyway, RSVP here. Cost is $10. And Meconi's is located at 709 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, just a few blocks from the 10th and Commerce transit hub (beer and public transit... a wonderful combination). Be there or be... not eating chocolate and drinking beer with the rest of us!

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Cassioposa said...

"Scrumchelesent" - Ha! My new favorite adjective.