Friday, February 8, 2008

The Beginnings of an Idea:

It is known by most that I play a lot of music. I play shows (occasionally) with three different groups; I have recordings with two bands in addition to my solo work. About a month ago I decided that I wanted someplace to post these things on I wanted to be able to have my songs, shows and photos divided up into my various projects, albums, etc, with information at the band, album and track level.

This idea bounced around in my brain a bit, eventually coming to this: if I was already going to have multiple bands for one user (me), why not allow multiple users? From there it snowballed into something much more complex and, I think, worthwhile.

What I propose is this: a comprehensive resource for musicians in the Tacoma area. Multiple bands per user. Multiple users per band. An event calendar that can be filtered by band, venue, genre, anything. Song and video uploads. In short: total promotion, total sharing of information, to anyone who's interested.

I know there are things like imeem and MySpace out there, but I feel like the small community aspect can be what really drives it. It's for the community, and should be built on the strengths of the community.

So... are you a musician? Or a music lover? Or have a friend who has a friend who knows this guy who is? I have an idea of what I want it to be, but the best people to come up with feature ideas are the ones who might use it. The bands, the fans, the venues. I would like, if possible, to have this be something of a group project. I'm already talking to one fellow blogger about doing the graphic design.

You don't have to play an instrument. You don't have to write code. Just let me know what you think this ought to be. I've established a development blog for the project where I will be cataloging my design and coding efforts, discussing features, announcing launches, etc at Anyone who wishes is free to follow along, comment, or shoot me an e-mail about any of it.

I posted a bit about this in the feed»tacoma forums, but got no response. Hopefully as the ball starts to get rolling other people will get excited about joining in the process.


Jen said...

That sounds awesome, and I think you should just do it.

In my experience, if you wait for community help it will not happen. You could do a lot just by indexing all those Tacoma bands on myspace and linking to them.

izenmania said...

Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Making sure everyone knows that it's open for their input, and then plowing ahead with my own vision until someone else has a better one.

I figure that the possibility for community involvement will go up once there is a concrete beta version of the project, so I can have my friends start trying it out.

Anonymous said...

This is how bad I am at keeping up with blogs - I am just now reading this. Count me in for whatever you need, and for my full support.

I ran into a girl at SXSW who does this for San Fran bands, and I immediately thought there should be one for Tacoma.