Thursday, January 10, 2008

Opening for Garrison Keillor (but not really)

Hey kids! If you read Spew today you know that the incomparable Garrison Keillor (of Prairie Home Companion fame) is coming to town tonight to spread his usual brand of laid back good cheer and humor at the Pantages.

Less publicized (except to those whom it actually affects, presumably) is the pre-show BCPA subscribers reception. If you happen to be there between 6 and 7 PM tonight, drinking their wine and eating their snacks (or whatever it is people do at pre-show receptions these days), and you happen to see a couple guys with a mandolin and a guitar quietly rocking in the corner, please take a moment out of your day to tell them that they are awesome. Because, well... we are pretty awesome :)

It's pretty cool, in my brain, anyway. Will we get to meet The Tall One himself? Probably not. Will we even get to watch the long since sold-out show? Chances are slim, and rely on either no-shows or the fire code letting us stand in the back. Will anyone really even remember that we were there? Who knows. We're meant to be background music anyway. But two out of three Izenmen shall rock that small room in the Pantages like nobody's business. Rock it like only a family of folk musicians can.

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