Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Izenmania to Focus on Downtown Tacoma

Downtown Tacoma is on the blogging brain, and with good reason. We seem to be inching closer and closer to having an awesome downtown. So now it is time for this humble blogger to do his part.

The city's Community and Economic Development Department has brought in AngelouEconomics to help develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan for the area. From the project website:
In order to provide a blueprint for increased investment, the City of Tacoma's Community and Economic Development Department is partnering with AngelouEconomics, an Austin-based economic development consulting firm, to develop an economic development strategic plan for downtown Tacoma. AngelouEconomics is the largest independent economic development consulting firm in the U.S. and specializes in creating strategies for communities seeking high impact investment and targeted, managed growth solutions.

The Angelou people are in town this week conducting a number of focus groups on the various business and residential groups impacted by downtown development. Yours truly will be participating in the Young Professionals focus group later in the week.

The ultimate goal is:
The development of AngelouEconomics' downtown economic development plan will coincide with the development of the Downtown Comprehensive Plan headed by the Community and Economic Development Department's Planning Division in partnership with VIA Architects in terms of reviewing the long-range planning and zoning of the downtown. The overall vision for downtown will be defined consistently for both plans and will be supported by a combined public outreach effort (interviews, focus groups, visioning sessions, online surveys). By integrating the two plans, the City of Tacoma will have a robust and meaningful downtown strategic plan.

Here's hoping that somewhere in here they get done planning and actually start doing. Will report back on Thursday with my account of the experience.

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