Saturday, January 12, 2008

Izenmania Studios Open For Business!

Well... "business" is kind of a strong word. Nobody's going to want to come to my apartment to record except for me. But that's alright.

I've been playing music for most of my life, and recording in earnest off and on for the last quarter of it. My first serious band, Mr. Fusion (an acoustic songwriting collaborative duo), recorded our first album in 2003 in the University Place backyard of my high school video productions teacher. This Shirt Is Pants finished up a debut EP in September at Pacific Studios in downtown Tacoma. But the one thing I've always wished is that I had time with the recording gear to lay down tracks and write overdubs on the spot, which has been prevented by either time or money on previous projects.

Well, no longer! With the purchase of an M-Audio FireWire 410 interface and a microphone, I have transformed this corner of my apartment into a mess o' cable and blinking lights, and have commenced to annoy neighbors by singing very loudly along to music they cannot hear.

I started out with a brief equipment test, and I'm pretty happy with the sound quality. While certainly limited, Garage Band is demonstrating surprising flexibility, especially considering I don't necessarily plan on using it to produce professional-quality stuff. At some point I'll probably get something fancier, but for now I'm just pleased to finally have an outlet for the ideas in my brain.

I'm also hoping that this upsurge in creativity will drive me back into the Tacoma music scene a bit. TSIP seems to be dying a slow death, and I think it would be a lot of fun to get out there with some of my own songs and start playing shows. For now I'll stick to documenting the recording process, and maybe looking around for some like minded musicians who can help me out with instruments that I don't play, but want to use.

But first... more playing with toys! I like toys. Toys are good.

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Cassioposa said...

LOL - nice test song!

I'm looking forward to hearing what comes from this new recording setup!