Thursday, December 27, 2007

I just hope they remembered to bleach...

I ride the Link to and fro a couple times a day, and last week I started noticing these posters. They're nigh impossible not to notice, spanning the full height of the trolley's joint section, advertising the forthcoming Mecca Condos. Now, I'm certainly no marketing expert, but I have some concerns.

I'll just work top to bottom:

(Unfortunately, being NOT Kevin Freitas I didn't have my camera on me this morning, so for now I'll just describe them. I'll try to amend that later. The camera thing, I mean. I still won't be Kevin Freitas.)

At the top of the ad is a photo of the building's facade. Now admittedly, it's taken some steps in recent years. That building spent a long time (as long as I can remember) looking run-down, beat up, sketchy and ugly (as any self-respecting porn theatre ought). Now, in a stunning revitalization, it looks bright orange, clean and an entirely different kind of ugly. This could work, I think. Bright colors make for an eye-catching ad, leading your eye down to...

Come Take a Peep. You'll like what you'll see

A peep? Really? I'd call it a little over the top, but I'll accept it. They know that everyone (or at least everyone who's old enough to buy a condo) in Tacoma knows what that venue used to be, and rather than shying from it, they've embraced it. By having a sense of humor about their origins they make the concept of living in an old porn house campy rather than creepy. So, bright orange facade, tongue-in-cheek copy, transitioning down into...

...a black and white photo of two excessively trendy and pretty people that looks suspiciously like it was yanked directly out of a Calvin Klein ad.

Wait, what?

Now I know that over the years Calvin Klein commercials have come more and more to resemble pornography themselves, but somehow I don't think that's what they were going for. It seems to me that they forgot the tone of the top half and said "Y'know what kind of vibe we should go for? Classy." Clearly they know that they are advertising primarily to locals, and if people know about the Mecca, then they know the neighborhood. And yes, the whole area has come up by leaps in bounds, and no, it's not as dangerous as it was even a year ago, but come on... no one is fooled by your black and white casually pretty people.

(I still can't quite work out what the fuzzy background of the photo is. I suspect that it might possibly be Triangle Tollefson Square, but I equally suspect it might be not Tacoma at all)

Anyway, I guess these are the kind of people they see coming to the Broadway Speakeasy, a "hip new restaurant and lounge" that makes up the ground floor of this mixed-use building. Good luck dragging the pretentious nightclub crowd down from Seattle, or even from 6th Ave.

Finally, at the bottom of the ad, they apparently remember what they had going up top, and leave us with the news that the new condos will be "revealed" in 2008.

I guess my only other concern is that the poster claims condos starting in the high 100s, and the website lists a price range from $210,000 to $299,000.

I hope they succeed. I really do. But if I ever eat in the Speakeasy, I'll be very careful not to drop anything on the floor...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tacoma Neigborhoods Crack Down On Crime

I didn't know that all we had to do was ask...

It's nice to see that the community members at S 7th and Tacoma Ave are taking ownership of their neighborhood and working hard to keep the streets safe. In as polite a manner as they are able.