Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming: Colonies @ The Viaduct 8/24

Alright, down to the nitty and the gritty...

If you asked Colonies, they'd probably say they were a Seattle band. Which is fair. They live in Seattle, they work in Seattle, they play in Seattle. But in my mind, they will always be inextricably linked to Tacoma. I went to Curtis High School with guitarist Christian Powers in University Place, then a couple years later he popped up again at PLU in lovely Parkland. So to me he'll always be a Tacoma boy, and his bands Tacoma bands.

I've seen Colonies twice so far, once at Jazzbones, once at Hell's Kitchen. The band (in my opinion) was better at the HK show, but lost out a bit due to certain qualities of the technical staff which will be detailed when I get around to reviewing venues.

I always find it difficult to pin down any band (especially my own) to a particular genre, but Colonies' MySpace claims that they are Indie / Experimental Pop, and I see no reason to argue with that. There's a solid balance of music vs. noise that powers the group, and all the members are quite good at what they do.

In addition to rocking a few socks in the live setting, Colonies has spent much of the last year working on their debut album, Sleep Patterns, and it's time for their efforts to pay off. They've got a CD release show this Friday, August 24th, 6:00 PM at The Viaduct. Other bands on the bill are Piko Panda, Trans Union, Don't Tell Sophie (the only one of these I've seen... they'd like to be Modest Mouse, which could be either good or bad, according to taste) and Trip The Light Fantastic (Christian tells me good things, though I unfortunately missed them at the last show). Cost is $6.

Honestly, I'm as excited to see the venue as I am to see the show. I've only heard a little about The Viaduct, but in principle it's great. As their page states: "The folks that brought you The Junkyard /The Frameshop and The Hall have teamed up to start Tacoma's newest and only all ages venue that is not run by a church or a bar." My band's audience (our friends) is mostly under-21, so an all-ages, all the time venue is always a great thing to see. Parents will likely be happier about watching their kids go to an all-ages show if they know there isn't a bar attached. And while I've nothing against church-run venues on the whole, I do have my complaints about Tacoma's most prominent such establishment.

Anyway, it's roundabout time to get back to work. Hope to see you at the show. I'll be back on Saturday with a review of the show and possibly the record, plus some thoughts on the venue.

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