Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mary's Burger Bistro

Yeah, yeah... "music blog". You were warned that I liked food.

Stopped in at the freshly opened Mary's Burger Bistro this morning. I've been waiting for this place to open for a while—since about the time that the sign went up and my brain went "Burger place! Not Jack in the Box! Huzzah!"

I may well have been the first customer, save that I chose to go to the office first and drop off my bag o' stuff, and by the time I got back, a certain Kevin Freitas was already enjoying a sourdough breakfast something something. Admittedly this was my intended order, but for variety's sake I went with the Croissant Deluxe Sandwich. I think all involved parties agree that they pass the breakfast test... the eggs were tasty, the bacon pretty good (I could go with something a little crispier, but hey... it's still better than any fast food breakfast offerings). Tasty (read: greasy) croissant. And, like any fine breakfast establishment, most sandwiches come with a side of... ranch? Yes, ranch. Bizarrely delicious. You'll have to ask Kevin how it stacks up in the Farrelli's Ranch Challenge.

As for atmosphere, the place has a great vibe to it. I'm always in favor of tall tables with stools over booths (maybe because I'm tall, maybe because I like being able to spin around in circles). There was a steady stream of oldies over the stereo, a friendly staff. Obviously, as with any opening things were a bit frazzled... large laminated menus because their menu board designer went on vacation, some hiccups learning the computerized register system. All told, though, well worth the trip. And well worth a trip back for lunch.

I'll be back later with a review of the important bit... burgers.

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