Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mary's Burger Bistro: Part The Two

Alright, beyond breakfast, on to lunch.

First, the good. I ordered a green pepper and onion burger (1/4 pound beef patty) with fries and a chocolate shake. The shake was excellent. Very thick (but not so thick as to foil straw-users), very tasty. The burger was, on the whole, tasty. The best part (well maybe not the best part, but the bit that set it apart from many other burger joints) was the toasted kaiser roll bun. Good stuff. The meat itself was good, if a bit overcooked, and the toppings (grilled onions and green peppers with swiss cheese) were also quite tasty. Also, the cookies were extremely good (made even better by the fact that he was passing them out for free).

But there's a reason for that...

When we got there, the place was decently full, and we were about four back in the line. After a hiccup with Dave's card (no dedicated phone line for Visa or something like that... I still say it was just Dave's fault) the first three of us ordered. An hour later, all three of us had our food.

Yeah. An hour.

Three problems, as I see it. 1) Problems with the register/ordering system. They sent their tech guy home because it looked like a slow day. Unfortunately they decided it was a slow day at about 9. Not a good time to make that kind of judgement at what is fundamentally a burger joint. Especially one in downtown where most everyone is on a noon lunch schedule. 2) Not enough staff. The sign outside that says they are looking for a short order cook says it all. And 3) they were in no way prepared for the anticipation that has surrounded their opening. Probably if we had shown up with our crowd (2/3 of the office plus a few bloggers) they would have been happy. Unfortunately many, many other people also showed, throwing them into a bit of a frenzy.

I'm looking forward to going again, maybe next week, when the rush has died town, the staff has picked up, and the tech troubles have been resolved. And if not... I'm still in favor of their breakfast.

And the free cookies.

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