Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let's see if I can keep this up...

Okay, introductions:

I'm Joe. I've lived in the greater Tacoma area my entire live. Grew up in University Place, attended uni in Parkland, and finally moved into the heart of the city proper after graduation in 2006. Nowadays I live on the downtown/Stadium District fringe, and work for downtown web developers SiteCrafting.

I've been peripherally attached to the local music scene in one form or another for quite a few years. I started playing at Shakabra Java with my dad and my brother when I was 15, and through high school played with a number of groups of varying quality, most notably Blarg! and Π Eating Contest.

In 2001 I started Mr. Fusion with my friend Erich. Mr. Fusion is a collaborative musical effort: between us we have two guitars, a keyboard, a doumbek and a pair of bongos, and we've both been known to play all of them, write, and sing.

In 2006 I started playing with my cousin Jake Westhoff and longtime bass player Tyler Killen in what would become This Shirt Is Pants. We eventually brought in drummer Adam Zack and hit the ground running, playing in Tacoma, Seattle, and various parts in between. We've just finished recording a debut EP (tentatively titled Coming Out Of Our Pants... anyone who gets that joke has my undying admiration) and are gearing up to take on the local scene headfirst.

Anyway... that's what this blog is about: my experiences as a musician and music lover in Tacoma. Going to shows, experiencing venues and clubs as someone who 1) listens to music, 2) plays music and 3) loves beer. There'll be a few extraneous restaurant reviews and other Seattle/Tacoma nonsense tossed in, but for the most part, I'm here for the rock.


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